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Ando Masahashi watches a video from

First mentioned: Genesis
Owned by: Niki Sanders
Current status: Offline
Hiro.GIF This article contains international text.
Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of the correct international text characters. is a website run by Niki Sanders from her garage in Las Vegas, NV. It features video stripteases by Niki and live webcam chats (for $39). Niki also has videos of her performances available as iPod-ready .mp4's.



On the morning of the eclipse, Niki Sanders is performing a striptease for a subscriber, huggerz69. An alarm sounds and she sends him an instant message, telling him his time is up. When he asks for more, she asks for more money, and he calls her a "bitch".

Later, at Yamagato Industries, an excited Hiro Nakamura runs up to his friend Ando Masahashi's desk claiming he can bend time and space. Ando quickly closes a video chat window for

One Giant Leap

After renting a Nissan Versa at LAX, Hiro checks 9th Wonders! and tells Ando they need to head to Las Vegas. Ando, who's watching a video from on his iPod, comments that it's their destiny.


As Niki prepares to seduce Nathan Petrelli at Mr. Linderman's behest, Micah tells her that it's safer to perform on the Internet, which is just acting. Niki seems shocked that he knows how she earns her living.


After an argument with Hiro causes Ando to set off on his own, he uses the site's WHOIS info to locate Niki's house and ask her for help, but she tells him she's not the same girl he sees on the Internet. The encounter takes place while she is being questioned by police, requiring her to admit that she "runs a website."

Better Halves

When D.L. Hawkins shows up at Niki's house, she tells him she's changed since he left. He tells her he knows (and doesn't care) that she's had to strip on the Internet to make ends meet.

The Fix

At the Women's Correctional Facility, Dr. Witherson says she read Niki's file and learned all about her--including her website.

Graphic Novel:Walls, Part 2

At the Moab Federal Penitentiary, Niki swings on a pole to defeat some antagonizing agents. She kicks them, using moves she learned as a stripper.

The Butterfly Effect

A DC reporter hassles Tracy Strauss on her identical appearance to Niki's and shows her an advertisement for Tracy says that anybody with a computer could create the print off.

Heroes Evolutions

On September 24, 2008, was changed from a redirect to another site (see notes below) its own site. After users sign up for Heroes Evolutions content, they can watch a short teaser video of Niki stripping, which is interrupted with static and a message that says, "Video player not responding. Contact your system administrator."

On February 17, 2009, was updated with a hidden pop-up message corresponding with iStory "The Agent". Visitors to the site can see the pop-up message by clicking for the video to be displayed or by clicking the "Click Here" under the video. A text box then pops up with the message "THEY KNO CV CA" before displaying the Heroes Evolutions subscription form.

Saving Charlie

  • Hiro finds Ando surfing Interent porn in his Yamagato cubicle. (Chapter 3)
  • When Ando says something about his "relationship" with Niki, Hiro points out that Niki is just an online stripper who runs a website where Ando spends most of his free time and disposable income. (Chapter 21)

The Agent

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Rachel Mills reviews "Las Vegas Niki" and notes to herself the site is like a creepy tomb since Niki is dead. Rachel searches this website for a while, and then finds a hidden message in plain sight just when she is about to push on. She writes "ALEX" in the file and underlines it twice, thinking that it is something she has to tell Danko about.



  • Niki's screen name is XXXNikki4u.
  • The bottom of the screen of the real-world website says "クレジットカードを開始するクリック". This roughly translates to "credit cards accepted--click start".


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