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List of character appearances by graphic novel

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The following is a list of appearances by each character, sorted by graphic novel and order of appearance in the given novel. First appearances are noted in bold. The counts for the number of graphic novels each character has appeared are in parentheses. For summary information, tallies, and trivia about appearances, see here.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Heroes Reborn

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Vengeance, Part 1

Vengeance, Part 2

Vengeance, Part 3

Vengeance, Part 4

Vengeance, Part 5

Godsend, Part 1

Godsend, Part 2

Godsend, Part 3

Godsend, Part 4

Godsend, Part 5


For a tally of the character appearances by graphic novel, see here.

Character Appearance Lists edit

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