Little Miss Goldenrod

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Little Miss Goldenrod
Little Miss Goldenrod.jpg
First appearance Smoke & Mirrors
In-story stats
Known ability Gold mimicry
Formal name Unknown
Nickname Little Miss Goldenrod
Home Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Carnival employee

"Little Miss Goldenrod" is a female member of the Sullivan Bros. Carnival who is also an evolved human with the ability to mimic the properties of gold.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Smoke & Mirrors

A woman is sitting down in her tent in her carnival when Amanda Strazzulla sneaks inside and takes a peak at her. The woman does not seem to notice Amanda as she is focusing on a mirror in front of her to cut some of her hair with a knife while transforming herself into gold. On a table next to the woman is more of the woman's hair, in a shoebox. When Amanda turns around and leaves, the woman transforms her skin and hair back to normal again.

Evolved Human Abilities

Little Miss Goldenrod is able to mimic the properties of gold, effectively causing her to appear as if made of gold.

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